Our commitment to the environment

smileenvy2016_2772We are constantly evolving with time and technology to ensure that all of our patients have access to the latest, most innovative equipment on the market. With an emphasis on “going green”, we have the most efficient and environmentally-friendly technology being used in the dental industry today. Call today (614) 636-4081.

Digital X-ray technology: provides instant imaging while producing no chemicals or hazardous waste, as well as reduces the amount of exposure to radiation.

smileoffice01Chartless system: helps reduce paper consumption and other waste.

Amalgam free: contains no mercury and is a more aesthetic filling.

Local labs: no overseas shipping, more easily-monitored operations, local support for the economy, and a decreased “carbon footprint”

Conscientious: use recycled materials and recycle remaining materials.

Energy efficient: installed advanced equipment including a dry-vac system to eliminate hundreds of gallons of water waste per day, as well as LED-operating lights with lower wattage.



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