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My kind of dentist. The staff and doctor make you feel welcome and relaxed. All treatments and conditions are explained in terms you can understand. If a treatment is recommended, the insurance co-pay is provided. I feel like I am part of the whole process, any decisions are my decisions. All medical practices should learn from this one. -Jim V.

I have been a patron of Smile Envy for a couple years now. The staff is always friendly & the hours work with my ever-changing schedule. Dr. Leukart is a terrific person & does not treat her patients like numbers. She takes time to talk with you & her staff is the same. I am very happy with Smile Envy & recommend them to anybody who is looking for a positive dental experience. -Stacey S.

I have been a patient for over five years. The staff is friendly and professional. I recommend them to everyone I know. -Megan S.

I love that I can get appointments after work. My son and I recived A+ care at every visit. The team at Smile Envy is always helpful. I love That I am greeted immediatley when I walk through the door and most times I am called back before ever getting the chance to take a seat in the waiting room. I trust only Dr. Leukart with my dental care, she is honest and very good at what she does. -Lauren H.

I have just started going to Smile Envy about six months ago and I am very happy! I love how modern the office is and it is so easy to book your appointment. The staff is always super helpful and always willing to explain everything to you to calm any anxiety that you might have. I would recommend them to everyone! -Lauren B.gold star

I had a great experience. Like lots of other people I hate going to the dentist. However from the moment I went in the office the whole staff made me feel comfortable. Their friendliness was greatly appreciated. -Gary P.

I really appreciate how they take their time with you and explain what they are doing. They take your opinions seriously and consider them. For example, I had a cavity under a filling in a wisdom tooth. They gave me the options of pulling the tooth or filling the cavity (they were leaning towards pulling the tooth). I wanted them to fill the cavity so that’s what they did. Everyone hates needles, but their process is relatively pain free. The entire staff is courteous and fun; they try to make your experience as comfortable as possible!! -Dana A.

No waiting, nice friendly attentive staff, modern up to date equipment, nice office with great atmosphere, excellent dental care. -Tony C.

I love the office and Dr. Leukart was very kind and very willing to answer any questions I have. Thank god because I’ve been full of them. The staff works with you to help find the perfect plan that fits your needs all around. I’ve never been happier. -Ariel S.

My son has always been frightened of the dentist, he had a couple of bad experiences. Dr. Leukart and her staff (Angie) made him feel very comfortable. He went into the exam room and came out later all smiles. Thank you guys so much. We will definitely be back! -Linda N.




3 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. My not so perfect teeth are getting the best care! What a friendly atmosphere. I drive from Dayton. It is worth the drive. Thank you Dr. Leukart and staff.

  2. Switching to Dr. Leukart over five years ago was the the best move! I abhor going to the dentist. My teeth seem to accumulate an abundance of plaque and the thought of scraping the plaque off is worse than nails on a chalkboard. Dr. Leukart and her staff have an amazing machine that helps to eliminate the plaque without scraping! Now plaque free, cavity free with nice white teeth, thanks to whitening trays, my smile is envied!

  3. Dr. Leukart is my aunt, and a great dentist. When I was 8 I became one of her first patients. I had five cavities in my baby teeth. Three fillings and two extractions later, I had learned the hard way about the seriousness of dental hygiene. She was nice about telling me the importance of having good healthy teeth. She took the time and taught me how to correctly use a toothbrush and floss. It is fun to go and see her, and show her that I am taking care of my teeth. No cavities to date in my grown up teeth!

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