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At Smile Envy, we are constantly expanding the scope of “General Dentistry” offering services complimenting one of your best features. Take a look at what is on the menu for your smile. We look forward to  seeing you! Call today (614) 636-4081.

-Juliette Leukart DDS

  • Aerolase

  • Invisalign Because straight teeth don’t just look pretty they work better. Come in for a free consult and we can answer all your questions.


  • Implants and Veneers A great option for missing or lost tooth structure. Don’t be embarrassed, your dental team knows your smile is more than just teeth.
  • Whitening Forget about over-the-counter products, only a dentist has professional strength whitening products to fit your busy life. We guarantee we will find the best options for you.
  • Botox Got wrinkles? We got those over worked expression lines covered to keep you smiling.
  • Juvederm For those deeper lines, we can give you instant results that are smooth and natural enhancing your appearance.
  • Skin Tightening. Want a non-surgical treatment that has proven results and can be done on your lunch hour? Our laser Photofacial treatment uses FDA approved technology for wrinkle reduction on all skin types. Best part is you can treat yourself to some well deserved skin rejuvenation without taking time off. More information about our laser is available at .
  • Laser hair reduction. Whether you have a few strands or are overwhelmed with unwanted facial hair, we can help you wear your smile proud.


Dental Services: periodontal treatment, gum disease treatment, cleanings, hygiene, check-ups, patient education, diet counseling, oral cancer screening, child dentistry, sealants, replace amalgam fillings, composite fillings, white fillings, bonding, crowns, caps, extractions, tooth removal, wisdom teeth, 3rd molar treatment, root canal therapy, endodontic treatment, emergency evaluations same day, nitrous oxide, laughing gas, occlusal guards, mouth guards, sports guards, night guards, in-office whitening, take-home whitening, whitening trays, bleaching sensitive teeth, Sonicare, fluoride varnish, fluoride prescriptions, mouth rinse, tooth paste, floss

Contact us today (614) 636-4081 to experience friendly service, excellent results, and a beautiful smile.


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