Stocking stuffers: Dentist approved

christmas-stockingIf you need ideas for stocking stuffers this holiday season, why not add some personal care items with treats to show your family or that special someone you care.

There are lots of fun dentist approved gifts that are great for all ages and budget friendly. We suggest items like: sugar free gum, sugar free mints, flavored floss of the cinnamon/mint variety. Youngsters enjoy character toothbrushes and are available at most drug and grocery stores. These little items are great to have on hand all year round and especially wonderful when you are sharing sugary treats.

If you want to really get into it, try a personalized water bottle or travel cup. This is a great addition for everyone! Sipping on water throughout the day helps keep your mouth bathed in thin watery saliva.  Consuming more water is an important part of staying healthy. And of course a personalized gift is great fun all year round for your friends.

If you need more ideas, stop in the office we have whitening products ready to grab and goopalescence go as well as one of our favorites, the Sonicare electric toothbrush,sonicare easy clean boxand the Shower Flosser! Visit our SmileEnvy Facebook page (here) or give us a call at 614.801.0079 and we can help M-F. Our dental office is located at 2053 Stringtown Road in Grove City, Ohio. Happy gift giving!

-Your friends at Smile Envy, the Columbus dentistry experts




Flossing: A Good Habit

gopherFor some of us who have recently experienced the chilliest winter ever, even the smallest signs of Spring are huge for warming the heart. If the chill of winter froze your New Year’s plans to improve personal wellness, we offer the friendly reminder: Good habits take lots of practice.

At Smile Envy, a Grove City dentist office, most patients are advised to brush 2 times a day with fluoridated toothpaste and to floss daily. If you are like most, flossing is something you are still trying to work-in to your regular routine. And like most, time is often the one thing we need but just don’t have. Because flossing is really that important, here are some tips.

  • Do it when you think about it: This means keeping your little spool of floss you got from your dental visit in your car, purse or at your desk. Better still, keep floss in visible places to serve as a reminder of your commitment to yourself.
  • Keep it everywhere:  Buy floss in bulk. Or better yet, ask your dentist office if you can purchase for yourself the same large spool of amazing floss they use.  And then keep your refillable dispenser some place you will see it, like next to the TV remote.
  • Take Floss Breaks: People take coffee breaks, restroom breaks, smoke breaks so why not a floss break? The focus on your personal well-being can help improve many aspects of your life including reducing the bacterial load between teeth stimulating healthier gums.
  • Start a Floss Club: Take your floss breaks with friends! Encourage one another to do something good for themselves. Be a positive influence to your friends and peers while helping yourself. And they can lend you floss if you happen to run out.

If you have limited dexterity or just have a hard time with floss, there are lots of available products to fit your needs. In addition to asking helpers at the drug store, ask your dental team what products they may recommend to help you get to your hard to reach areas.

Healthy  habits take practice and as your dental team, located just 10 minutes from downtown Columbus, OH, we are dedicated to helping you and your family take charge and prepare for a smile that will be healthy and strong for life!

Contact us today 614.801.0079 to experience friendly service, excellent results, and a beautiful smile.

-Your friends at Smile Envy, the Columbus dentistry experts